John Klein – Experienced Leader at Cambridge Therapeutics

Leading New Jersey’s Cambridge Therapeutics as chairman, John Klein provides coordinated pharmaceutical industry solutions, building on his extensive experience in product development and marketing. Meeting Cambridge Therapeutics shareholder expectations while upholding compliance mandates, John Klein has streamlined delivery systems associated with combination therapies. 

Mr. Klein’s participation in delivering patient-centered services includes supporting doctor-patient relationships through seamless prescription order fulfillment. In a previous role guiding Dava Pharmaceutical Company as founder and CEO, Mr. Klein manufactured drugs at US Food and Drug Administration-approved contractor locations worldwide. Endo International acquired his firm in 2013. 

Over the decades, Mr. Klein has overseen an FDA approval process spanning 700 generic drugs and supplements. He has held chair responsibilities with the Worldwide Generics Pharmaceutical Industry Association and received Forbes’ 11th ranking among its Top 100 CEOs expanding shareholder value. Respected in his field, John Klein has provided the Harvard Business School with case-study consultation in strategic methods for boosting competitiveness.