Cognizant’s Four Aces Framework for EPM Solutions

An accomplished pharmaceutical executive, John Klein is the chairman of Cambridge Therapeutics in Alpine, NJ. In addition to his responsibilities at Cambridge Therapeutics, John Klein is the chairman and CEO of the enterprise performance management (EPM) firm Bilogix.

Bilogix EPM services are run through Cognizant Business Consulting (CBC), the consulting division of Enterprise Analytics (EA). Cognizant makes use of a Four Aces framework for its EPM solutions. Four Aces implementation processes have been developed through the comprehensive six sigma business approach, as well as testing in various real-world scenarios. The framework accounts for all facets of EPM support and solutions, beginning with evaluating the client’s preparedness for EPM services.

Client readiness is tested through Cognizant’s customized SIMPOSM application. Following initial client engagement, the Four Aces Framework offers EPM services providers a platform from which to analyze specific industry needs and subsequently structure a unified set of solutions for all areas of need. Finally, the Four Aces Framework is rounded out by identification of the client’s preferred solution and strategies for a successful roll out.