New Jersey Takes Steps to Reduce Maternal Mortality


Maternal Mortality

An accomplished pharmaceutical executive, John Klein leads New Jersey-based Cambridge Therapeutics as chairman. Aside from steering the development of Cambridge Therapeutics, John Klein maintains an active interest in following health-related developments impacting residents of New Jersey and beyond.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently signed a package of bills aimed at reducing the state’s extremely high maternal mortality rate. In particular, the bills aim to address racial disparities in health care: throughout the nation, African American mothers are more than four times more likely than white women to die of complications related to pregnancy, childbirth, or postpartum recovery. “In a state that is among the very wealthiest in our nation,” said Governor Murphy, “these disparities stand in stark contrast to our core values.”

The bill signings occurred one day after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report concluding that nearly half of pregnancy-related deaths are preventable. One provision in the newly signed New Jersey bills requires Medicaid to cover doula services, a birth support role that has been shown to improve birth outcomes. Another provision discourages the scheduling of cesarean sections before the baby is full term out of convenience rather than necessity.


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