NJ Officials Call for Big Increase in Medical-Marijuana Dispensaries

A distinguished pharmaceutical executive, John Klein serves as the chairman of Cambridge Therapeutics in Teaneck, New Jersey. Also the former CEO of Cambridge Therapeutics, John Klein keeps up with healthcare industry news in his state.

In April 2019, New Jersey health officials released a statement recommending a large increase in the number of medical-marijuana dispensaries to meet the state’s rapidly-expanding demand. Currently, New Jersey has only six dispensaries, called Alternative Treatment Centers, but health officials estimate the state will need to grow its capacity to 50 to 90 dispensaries over three years to keep pace with the rising number of people using medicinal marijuana.

With approximately 100 new medical-marijuana patients per day, the mounting demand is partly driven by Governor Phil Murphy’s recent move to approve new conditions for treatment with medical marijuana, including chronic pain, end-stage cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder, and opioid use disorder. The number of physicians prescribing through the state’s medicinal-marijuana program also has grown by about 40 percent since January 2018, when Governor Murphy took office.


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